Loss Control

Loss Control

Recommendation and Compliance Inspections

Loss Control Consultants can come out to the job site twice yearly to visually inspect the job.

We verify that the insured is working within our parameters for safety and answer any questions that may arise.

  • Defensive Driving Courses
  • Available safety courses and topics
  • OSHA Compliance

Safety in the workplace is of high importance. We provide training and instruction on OSHA requirements to help the insured become OSHA compliant.

  • OSHA Record Keeping

We offer help on the correct way to keep OSHA records and maintain records.

  • Safety Training

Safety issues are discussed and offer training on how to do the job safely. We may hold a safety meeting with the insured in the woods and discuss everyday logging activities.

  • PPE requirements

Loss Control Consultants discuss with the insured what Protective Equipment is recommended to use and what needs to be worn for each job task.

  • Accident Investigations

Our Loss Control Consultants meet with an insured after an accident to discuss ways to prevent future incidents and document what happened in the accident.

  • Provide Safety Programs and Policies

Loss Control Consultants can assist insured with safety programs and policies for the insured.

Programs and policies cover areas concerning safety in the woods, hazardous material and blood-borne pathogens.